Alliance Leasing FAQs

Why join Alliance Leasing?

  • Increased income
  • $0 startup costs
  • $0 down payment
  • Fully customized truck lease
  • “Walk Away Lease” virtually risk-free
  • Short-term leases available
  • “Turnkey” process with direct hands-on guidance
  • Countless tax advantages
  • Build or repair credit with your lease

What is Pre-Alliance?

Pre-Alliance is a unique opportunity to experience Alliance Leasing without officially signing a lease. Student drivers can qualify for Pre-Alliance upon completion of the entire over-the-road training program.

How long can you remain in Pre-Alliance?

Drivers typically remain in the Pre-Alliance program for 30-60 days. Drivers must meet minimum performance metrics in order to qualify for Alliance Leasing.

Do I have access to the Alliance Leasing business support team while in Pre-Alliance?

Pre-Alliance students do not have access to the business support team. However, if you decide that Alliance Leasing is a great fit for you, we offer a multitude of support packages to help you become successful and profitable as an independent business owner. You can select the truck of your choice, receive proactive business assistance, utilize a proven fuel protection program, and experience a step-by-step approach to make more money.

Do I receive Alliance Leasing compensation while in Pre-Alliance?

Pre-Alliance students are paid as company drivers for the entire duration that they are in the program.

How do I qualify for Alliance Leasing?

Drivers interested in joining Alliance Leasing may enroll in the Pre-Alliance program and prove that they have the sweat equity and drive to succeed as an independent operator. Qualified Pre-Alliance drivers must meet or exceed the following performance metrics: MPG, variance, utilization, on-time service, and the ability to operate and manage their own business. If a driver meets the metrics listed above as a company driver for at least 60 days, he or she will automatically qualify to convert to Alliance Leasing without prior enrollment in the Pre-Alliance program.

How can I earn even more money as an Alliance Leasing Operator?

Earn more money by becoming a certified Alliance Leasing driver trainer. Alliance trainers can earn an additional $20,000 per year for instructing student drivers.

How long are Alliance Leasing contracts?

Alliance Leasing offers flexible lease contracts lasting 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months.

Does Alliance Leasing offer sign-on and completion bonuses?

Alliance drivers can earn a sign-on bonus of up to $1,800 and a completion bonus ranging of up to $5,000 with additional incentives and discounts offered for re-signing another lease such as reduced truck payments.

What benefits does Alliance Leasing offer after I complete a lease?

Upon completion of a lease, drivers automatically qualify for in-house financing if you choose to purchase a truck from Stevens Transport. No credit checks are required because your commitment to the program, coupled with your ability to successfully complete a lease, is proof enough to qualify for this incredible deal. Should you choose to re-sign another lease, Alliance drivers will receive additional lease discounts along with a re-sign bonus of up to $5,000.

How to be successful with Alliance Leasing?

  • Run an average of 10,000 miles or more per month
  • Strive for a 7.0 MPG or greater
  • Maintain a variance below 5%
  • Complete all daily check calls
  • Proper reporting of Hours of Service
  • Meticulous trip planning
  • Utilize Opti-Stop for best fuel prices
  • Good communication skills
  • Courteous and professional service
  • Take care of your equipment and keep it in peak shape by utilizing the Preventative Maintenance Program to achieve maximum productivity

What if Alliance Leasing is not for me?

We recognize that Alliance Leasing is not for everyone. Therefore, we offer a “walk away” feature where you can go directly back to the company if you discover that you may not be suited for leasing.

Who can I contact for more information about Alliance Leasing?

Don Voight
Main: 800-366-0167