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There are Atlanta trucking companies that want to hire you.


There are Atlanta trucking companies that want to hire you. Well, not you in particular, but really anyone with the qualifications and know-how to build a career with them in the trucking industry. That person could certainly be you if you wanted it to be.

What are Atlanta trucking companies looking for in employees? Well, first off, you certainly need to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). A CDL is mandated by the federal government in order to work as a professional truck driver. You can’t get a job in trucking legally without one.

A CDL requires CDL training. Most people go through a formal training process where they receive instruction from a qualified, licensed instructor. Among the aspects taught in these trucking schools are how to drive a big rig (including practice driving time), as well as classroom work that goes over the rules and regulations that govern the trucking industry, as well as traffic laws for truck drivers, among other things.

So you have the CDL, and you’re thinking you can find a job and a career with Atlanta trucking companies, but you aren’t sure you have the qualities you need to get that career started. What qualities should a truck driver possess? What does a good truck driver to that makes him or her a good truck driver?

Physically, there are some demands. Atlanta trucking companies offer a relatively physical work environment; when you aren’t driving a truck, you may be helping to load them. That of course is pretty physical work. Just the act of climbing in and out of the truck is pretty physical work.

However, the physical activity we are talking about centers more on your health. There are certain medical conditions, ranging from high blood pressure to epilepsy which can disqualify you from eligibility to become a truck driver. You must take a physical exam before you can apply for your CDL permit, so you must clear those criteria before you can even proceed with CDL training.

In addition, you must have at least 20/40 eyesight in each eye (you may wear corrective lenses to test this), and you must be able to distinguish the colors of a traffic light. These are obviously safety concerns, as someone without acceptable vision cannot safely operate a semi truck.

You must also have good hearing and be able to hear a “forced whisper” from a distance of 5 feet. Again, you may wear a hearing aid during this test. This is also a safety concern. If you have poor eyesight or hearing, you may not be able to find employment with Atlanta trucking companies.

Finally, you must be physically strong enough to operate the truck. At times it is a highly physical activity, and takes some strength to operate. If you aren’t strong enough to drive the truck, you may be disqualified from finding a job in Atlanta trucking companies.

But there are other innate qualities that make for a good truck driver, and are the kinds of skills Atlanta trucking companies are looking for. Patience is one. Being able to keep your cool during traffic when you are against a deadline is a key quality to have. Understanding the importance of getting to your destination safely is more important than getting there on time. Recklessness is the enemy of the truck driver.

Some people skills may be helpful as well. Being able to work with people you don’t know is just generally a good skill to have, whether you’re looking to work at Atlanta trucking companies or in a grocery store. Being able to work closely with others and get along with them is part of professionalism, and is certainly a quality that any employer wants.

Atlanta trucking companies are looking for people, possibly people like you, to begin careers with them. Whether or not you want to take the opportunity that is there is up to you. Do you pass up the chance to find a career in trucking to continue doing what you do now? That depends…how attached to your current job are you? Do you like it more than you think you’d like jobs with Atlanta trucking companies? If so, stay where you are. If not, Atlanta trucking companies are looking out for you.

Atlanta trucking companies want employees.


Atlanta trucking companies want employees. They need people to drive their shipments to their destination, and they need workers who want to help make the company more efficient, profitable, and ultimately successful. Is that something you are ready for?

This isn’t a job for everyone. Not everyone has the drive, the motivation, and the talent to give the Atlanta trucking companies what they want. It takes a trained, disciplined worker who has the drive to make things work, to arrive on time, safely, and with a full load, and who can inspire others to do the same. Do you have what it takes?

So what does it take, exactly? If you asked a dozen people, then asked the heads of Atlanta trucking companies, would we get the same answers? It’s tough to say. All you know is you can do your best to be that person, and see how it works out for you. But what are the skills you need? What qualities must you possess to not only enter the trucking industry, find a job as a truck driver, but to excel at it?

First you need patience. Driving a truck requires loads of patience, whether you’re sitting in the cab of your truck, on the highway at a complete stop, bumper-to-bumper as people rubberneck at a fender-bender, or whether you’re sitting on the docks waiting for your shipment to arrive or be loaded into the truck.

You also need drive, literally and figuratively. You need the literal driving skills that it takes to operate a truck safely and effectively, motoring down the highway and locking down those loads, getting them to their destinations. Nothing endears you to Atlanta trucking companies faster than getting your shipments in on time (or even ahead of schedule), operating safely.

Figuratively, you need to be driven mentally to succeed. You need to have an overwhelming desire to get the job done and get it done right. The drive to finish the job, and doing your part to ensure success is the only outcome.

You also need good physical health, including hearing and eyesight. Certain medical conditions make it unsafe for you to be a truck driver. Someone with epilepsy who has a seizure while driving can cause an accident with horrific consequences, as can someone with a variety of other ailments. You will be disqualified from eligibility of being a truck driver if you have those select illnesses.

In addition, you must have good hearing (though you may have poor hearing corrected with a hearing aid), and you must have good eyesight, with 20/40 eyesight or better in each eye, though you may wear corrective lenses. In addition, you must be able to distinguish the colors on a traffic signal. These are safety issues that must be accounted for, and there is no room for error or excuse when you’re talking about Atlanta trucking companies.

You also must have good hand-eye coordination and reflexes. You must be able to move your hands, feet, and eyes all at the same time, and have strong manual dexterity. Driving a truck takes that ability, and the ability to anticipate and compensate for road hazards up ahead. In short, you must be an exceptional driver.

Of course, Atlanta trucking companies can help you build some of these skills, or at least continue to develop them. You should learn the basics in CDL school, and develop your driving skills as well as you possibly can, before approaching Atlanta trucking companies for a job. You want to be a professional-level driver before you embark upon a professional truck driving career. That starts with your CDL training, and extends throughout your life and career.

There are plenty of people who would love to work for Atlanta trucking companies who just don’t have the right stuff. Atlanta trucking companies are waiting for people who do have the qualities that it takes to develop into a professional driver who can use their skills and knowledge to build a career they can count on. Are you one of those people? Contact some Atlanta trucking companies and let’s see if you do in fact have what it takes.

Have you tried Atlanta trucking companies yet? Why not?


You have a commercial driver’s license and need a place to work. Have you tried Atlanta trucking companies yet? Why not?

It seems like the first place you would want to start if you are looking for employment in the trucking industry, at least. Atlanta trucking companies are the main employers of truck drivers, and if trucking is the field you are looking to get into, then you have found what you’re looking for.

Some Atlanta trucking companies have schools as part of their companies, and some even offer free tuition for your CDL training. This is often a terrific idea for students, although the old tenet that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” certainly applies to this situation as well. In exchange for the free CDL training, you must work at the Atlanta trucking companies that paid for your training for a certain amount of time.

While this is a great idea, please bear in mind that if you choose a deal like this you will be beholden to the company for quite a while. “Repaying” your debt has a somewhat different meaning; you are required to remain employed with the company for some time. While the idea of immediate, guaranteed employment is attractive to many students, also keep in mind that you are required to be employed, and leaving subjects you to paying back the entire amount.

Alternatively, some Atlanta trucking companies offer CDL training with mandatory employment, but you actually pay back the tuition costs. Either option you choose has distinct positives and negatives associated with it. Enter into those agreements with caution, and be sure you know what you are getting into before you sign anything.

And while Atlanta trucking companies are great places to look for employment for truck drivers, what if you are looking for another area of work? There are other options when you hold a commercial driver’s license, you know.

For instance, you can become a bus driver. There are four different types of bus drivers: city bus drivers, school bus drivers, commercial motor coach bus drivers, and tour bus drivers. Each has a different set of secondary skills associated with it, so each has significant differences to the other.

City bus drivers drive a city route, driving in urban and suburban areas, picking up and dropping off passengers and at regular scheduled stops. City bus drivers often have to do things like make change for passengers, coordinate around traffic patterns and ensure they have made all of their stops. At times they also have to deal with unruly passengers. In general Atlanta trucking companies don’t deal with this type of bus driver.

The main difference for school bus drivers is that they are generally dealing with children and very few, if any, adults. As such, they need skills in working with children and helping to assure they stay safe and behave while the bus is in motion. School bus drivers tend to be employees of the school system, and sometimes hold other jobs at the school during the school day. Atlanta trucking companies don’t typically deal with school bus drivers, unless they are interested in changing jobs.

Motor coach drivers shuttle passengers typically between cities and states. Their trips range from a few hours to a few days. Motor coach drivers often are responsible for ensuring that all passengers have a ticket, and sometimes they may sell unused tickets to passengers if they have free seats.

And tour bus drivers generally are responsible for shuttling around tourists and other groups of people who are seeing sights. Their main jobs are acting as tour guide, and ensuring that all passengers are accounted for before the bus can disembark.

In general, Atlanta trucking companies may be willing to hire bus drivers, but they don’t employ people with the intention of making them bus drivers. No, Atlanta trucking companies are looking for truck drivers who can safely deliver their cargo on time, and avoid accidents on roadways. If you have a CDL and are looking for employment, Atlanta trucking companies is certainly one place to seek out a job. Be sure if you aren’t necessarily pursuing a job as a truck driver, that you pass, and allow Atlanta trucking companies to hire people who want to be there.

Finding Atlanta trucking companies


Finding Atlanta trucking companies to work is not as hard as you think it may be. Yes, there are a large number of trucking companies whose business it is to transport goods around the country via American roadways, and those companies need people manning their trucks in order to function properly. These Atlanta trucking companies are looking for skilled, qualified drivers who have completed their CDL training and are ready to pick up a career in the trucking industry.

Trucking is a time-honored career full of pride, tradition, and hard work, and many Atlanta trucking companies take pride in reflecting those qualities upon its employees. Truck drivers are a hard-working lot who want to do work right the first time, and that includes their CDL training. After completing study at a CDL training school, graduates pursue their commercial driver’s license and with any luck go on to a career in the trucking industry.

If you’re one of those people, who loves the open road, enjoys driving large vehicles, and enjoys the peace that comes with solitude, if you have or are willing to build the skills necessary to developing those talents, there may be Atlanta trucking companies who wish to speak with you about employment opportunities. Of course, a CDL is the first and largest tool you must possess in order to become a truck driver, and part of ensuring your marketability to Atlanta trucking companies is obtaining your CDL in short order.

If you’re interested in becoming even more marketable, and possibly positioning yourself to stand out in the crowd of potential truck drivers, you should consider adding endorsements to your CDL. Endorsements qualify you to perform specialized, sensitive tasks, such as driving a double or triple trailer or transporting liquids or hazardous materials. You must take additional training and pass an additional exam in order to receive an endorsement. Having these skills on top of the standard CDL job skills offers you an added dimension to your skillset and may make you more attractive to Atlanta trucking companies. Given the low cost and relative ease with which you can obtain endorsements, you should consider pursuing multiple endorsements on your CDL license, if not all of them. Having additional skills and qualifications is just a bonus for you.

Once you’ve completed your training path, you are ready to engage Atlanta trucking companies for employment opportunities. Pursue these opportunities whenever and wherever you can. Many schools offer job placement services, and that is one possible avenue for employment. In addition, you should search and comb through all of the job boards you can find. Apply for jobs you feel may take best advantage of your skills.

Keeping in mind your future is also not a bad idea. Trucking unions are a presence at many Atlanta trucking companies, and you certainly should explore all they have to offer, from their political struggles to fighting to make sure truck drivers maintain a fair wage to offering continuing education opportunities. Too many truck drivers either don’t take advantage of these opportunities or are not aware of them. These are a valuable service that Atlanta trucking companies sometimes offer as well; you should inquire during interviews.

Finally, the day arrives: you are offered employment, accept, and get yourself ready. Your first day comes, and that’s the end of the journey, right?

No. It’s only the beginning of your career. A career is a job that lasts as long as you allow it to, through hard work, strong baseline skills, an ability and eagerness to learn, and some continuing educational opportunities. If you want more than a job, make it a career.

When you find the career path that’s right for you, don’t be afraid to seize it right then and there. You don’t want to risk passing up the best opportunity of your life, working a profession you enjoy with people you like, doing work that you love. If finding employment with Atlanta trucking companies is that dream, why aren’t you going after that job now? Don’t let hesitation and doubt keep you from pursuing your dreams. Do some solid research, find your place, and follow your dreams.

Trucking companies often face driver shortages.


Atlanta trucking companies often offer CDL training for students interested in entering the trucking industry. Trucking companies often face driver shortages. As a result, trucking companies often are looking for new drivers and as part of the initiative to stock up on drivers, those Atlanta trucking companies often open driving schools where they offer free or deeply-discounted CDL training.

However, as the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and there are certainly strings attached that that deal. In lieu of tuition, students must agree to work for the company for a given amount of time in order to receive the free or discounted tuition. If the student breaks that contract, they will be beholden to the trucking company for the tuition (or perhaps a pro-rated portion of the tuition) which they received for free.

There are other variants on this deal as well. Some companies deduct the amount of tuition from the student’s eventual salary, while others really do provide free training so long as the student becomes a driver and works for their Atlanta trucking companies. This certainly provides something similar to a symbiotic relationship, at least in theory. However, taking a moment to consider some of the potential outcomes of this relationship may give a student second pause before entering into an agreement like this with Atlanta trucking companies.

The deal on the surface sound spectacular, right? Atlanta trucking companies offer you free CDL training, and all you have to do is let them hire you when you graduate? For many it does indeed sound great, and maybe it IS great. But beware that there are potential roadblocks to this setup. First, you are beholden to this company, and locked into a contract with them without knowing what type of company they are, what your duties and responsibilities will be, and how you will be treated. You may be given the worst of the worst jobs, placed in a situation where you are required to work odd or inconvenient hours, or something different.

In addition, you may be virtually trapped in the job and not able to pursue potentially better opportunities at different Atlanta trucking companies because of your status with this one. Not having the flexibility to change jobs is a potentially major setback in your career, and limits you greatly as a professional. Other Atlanta trucking companies may want to hire you and give you better pay, different responsibilities, or even a promotion. If you are locked into this situation, you will not be able to get out of it without incurring a potentially huge expense.

None of this is meant to dissuade you from entering into this type of arrangement with any Atlanta trucking companies should you so desire. Instead, it’s merely meant to offer warnings and make you think and do better research before committing to something.

It should also be said that Atlanta trucking companies that provide these training services may be perfectly wonderful places to work for, and may not take advantage of their students in the least. However, it is a possibility, and something that must be considered and even researched before being committed to.

There are a lot of potential sources for CDL training, and going to Atlanta trucking companies offering free CDL training is just one. Before you grab a too-good-to-be-true training opportunity, make sure it’s not just that. Look into the possibility that paid CDL training is a better option for you, or at least that you will be able to work within the terms of the relationship you are agreeing to.

In any academic or job training environment, it’s great to have options, especially if one of those options involves free schooling. If you’re ready to enter the trucking industry, it’s in your best interests to know what you’re entering into before you’re committed. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of potential grief, and keeping yourself out of a bad position is certainly preferable to a bad one. The most important part is to be an informed consumer, and setting yourself up for the future coming out of job training.

Truck driving can be a solid choice for the right person.


Atlanta truck driving schools are a good place to start if you want to get into a truck driving career. As a career, truck driving can be a solid choice for the right person—that is, someone who enjoys driving for long periods of time, who enjoys working independently, and who can get the job done solo.

If that person is you, enrolling in Atlanta truck driving schools and cutting your own swath in the trucking game may be something you should consider doing. There are 1.7 million trucking jobs in the US as of 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and there will be almost 200,000 new jobs in the following decade.

That means opportunity for people who want to enter Atlanta truck driving schools and begin working toward the career they have been waiting for. Atlanta truck driving schools offer the training you need to earn your CDL, which is the key document you need in order to begin your career in the trucking industry.

A commercial driver’s license is required due to government restrictions in order to drive a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 26,000 lbs. or greater. This is due to the government deeming driving a vehicle that large a safety hazard without the proper training. Accident hazards are very real, and if you don’t have the necessary skills to operate and start and stop these large vehicles, catastrophic, even fatal accidents can occur.

Many long-haul tractor-trailer truck drivers are gone for long stretches of time, meaning becoming a truck driver is a major lifestyle choice that requires a great deal of commitment. It’s important to know before you enroll in Atlanta truck driving schools that you may be expected to assume this lifestyle as part of your job.

That’s not to say all truck drivers go through this. Some make more local deliveries and aren’t required to regularly go on extended trips. However, it is a part of the career path, and many may be asked to make these trips.

As you decide to move toward Atlanta truck driving schools, also keep in mind the future and what you will be getting into. It’s important for a prospective truck driver to look into the issues that matter to truckers. Read some trucking blogs, and visit message boards and social media pages devoted to the occupation. Look into trucking unions, as that is also likely to be a big part of your life as you enter the profession.

You are only putting yourself in a better position by doing these things, even before or especially during your time in Atlanta truck driving schools, where you can really get a sense of what your professional life will be like. All too often, people get stuck on starting the career and don’t really consider what the career will be like once they start it. When they finally do make it, they see that their career goals are stymied by things they weren’t expecting. It’s a jarring, unhappy place for a professional to be in, particularly when they are so passionate about doing what they do.

Before you enroll in Atlanta truck driving schools, then, be sure you check out the realities of day-to-day life as a truck driver. Get a good look at the kind of life you will lead in that role, and learn about and try to understand the things that will likely be important to you, and see what your future will look like.

Atlanta truck driving schools are the start of all of that. Some people can’t handle it, and by all means that’s okay. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone. But for those who are, a trek into the future is something that you can look upon with excitement, and begin to shape yourself as someone who wants to, more than simply find a job in the trucking industry, wants to thrive and find success in their career. They can head to Atlanta truck driving schools and get the journey started, or they can continue to want without actually moving toward taking. The choice is yours, and the responsibility is also yours. Take it, or don’t.

Want to pursue a career in the trucking industry?


Atlanta truck driving schools are the best place to go if you want to pursue a career in the trucking industry. Is that what you are looking for? Finding a job these days is tough. Really. It’s rough pretty much everywhere. But Atlanta truck driving schools can help you nail down specific skills that you can use in a couple of different industries.

Atlanta truck driving schools chiefly teach CDL training for students who are looking to get into a career in the trucking industry. Once obtaining their CDL, they are free to pursue employment in a variety of fields. Most will probably choose trucking, but for those for whom the trucking industry doesn’t pan out, there are other options as well.

That’s not to say the trucking industry isn’t the preferred destination for many graduates of Atlanta truck driving schools. On the contrary it is a popular occupation for people who have earned their commercial driver’s license.

However, even for people who drive large vehicles for a living aren’t always interested in staying in trucking, and some find that it’s just not the right profession for them. For those people there are additional options, where they aren’t wasting the time, effort, and money they put into their CDL training during their time at Atlanta truck driving schools. Here are a few of other options graduates of Atlanta truck driving schools can potentially choose if they decide the trucking industry isn’t for them.

Bus driving. Driving a city bus, or a school bus, or a motor coach, or a tour bus are all options for people with a CDL license. Each of those types of bus driving uses different secondary skills. For example, a city bus driver may need to make change for passengers, and a motor coach driver may need to sell tickets to empty seats. The nature of the work also makes for a potentially significantly different experience in each type of driving.

Construction driving. The construction industry has a whole fleet of large vehicles that require a CDL to operate, and they certainly need people qualified to operate them. The list is large: mixers, bulldozers, haulers, cranes, and loaders to name just a few. This is another industry where you can find a great deal of work if you are qualified to drive these machines.

Parcel and delivery services. Many parcel or delivery services require drivers with a CDL to drive their larger vehicles.

Limousine and taxi services. Many limousines require a CDL, and in some states taxi cab drivers are also required to have one.

These are just a few of the industries that employ people with a commercial driver’s license. On the other hand, many people graduate from Atlanta truck driving schools and DO want to enter the trucking industry. Those people can also find work hauling cargo across cities, towns, and states. This is an ideal profession for some people; others, however, have found difficulty in long-haul roles, as they have problems being away from their families and homes for long stretches of time. Because of this, long-haul drivers are often difficult to keep employed. This creates frequent opportunities for long-haul drivers.

However, it is a difficult profession many times, and it’s not a job that is right for everyone. If you enjoy long stretches of solitude and can work well independently, it may be a good one for you, though. Atlanta truck driving schools can help you learn the skills you need to enter that profession.

Enrolling in Atlanta truck driving schools is the biggest way that people help themselves enter the trucking field. Beginning a new career takes gumption and courage. Making the move is a big step, but when done correctly it can potentially lead to a solid, successful career. If trucking is the place for you to ply your trade, don’t let your own fear keep you from it. Give it your all, take the plunge and get your CDL, then put yourself in a position to find the career success you have been looking for. The work you do is up to you.

Getting a CDL License is Your Job, Not Your School's.


Atlanta truck driving schools can help you build skills and develop knowledge, but it can’t get you a commercial driver’s license. On the contrary, that’s your job.

Providing the work, offering the skills and teaching…that’s the Atlanta truck driving schools’ job. But it can’t do the work for you, or put in the time practicing in the truck, or staying up nights to study the CDL manuals. Your own work ethic sees that gets done, and works to achieve the completion of your studies and move you toward the career in trucking that you’ve been looking for.

How often have you said that you just need a chance? Atlanta truck driving schools can give you the chance…but you have to take it. And taking it means more than simply showing up for school on the first and sitting there in class, bored and ready to leave. It takes skill, and a good attitude, and a tremendous work ethic. And some smarts. That’s right…you have to have the intelligence to absorb the material, and the intelligence to know that you have to be at your best in order to succeed in this business. And the intelligence to learn from failure.

We’ve all tasted failure in some way. Everyone has wanted something but didn’t get it. Usually we didn’t get it because we didn’t want it enough. Or because someone else wanted it more. But when it comes to Atlanta truck driving schools, you have to want it the most, and your actions have to show that you do.

How do they do that? They start by putting in the work. Put in the work in the truck, practicing for your soon-to-be career and more than familiarizing yourself with how the truck works, but mastering how the truck works, and how your actions and reactions can make the truck work in different ways.

You start by putting in the time with your nose in the books, studying your training materials, learning the rules of the road, and conquering the CDL manual. Learning the rules is paramount, and Atlanta truck driving schools will demand that you know how fast you can drive on the freeways and the procedures for changing lanes and exiting the highways. You must recognize that and learn accordingly.

Atlanta truck driving schools want you to absorb that material, master the skills, and find the success you’re looking for. But it can only take you so far. You must make the commitment to going the distance, completing the work, and getting through your CDL training and into the CDL exam.

Atlanta truck driving schools can tell you what do to in order to succeed. But you have to do it, or all the talking in the world will be pointless. A waste of valuable time. Half-hearted attempts at something are not the key to mastering them. Full immersion is. Don’t meet anyone halfway. You’re going the distance yourself. That’s what Atlanta truck driving schools tells you to do, but cannot do for you.

So look for it. Find it. That spark, that drive that propels you through a project. Atlanta truck driving schools are more than projects. They are THE project that you need to complete before you can begin your trucking career. It’s not necessarily a difficult road, but it’s one that takes commitment and drive and the ability to put in the work. If you can do the work, if you can commit yourself to being the best you can be, and you put in the time and effort, you may just find yourself having little successes, building toward larger, more important successes as you go. Eventually, you will hit the end, and you will get there.

But again, Atlanta truck driving schools can lead you down the path, but they can’t make you walk it. You have to take that step and pledge yourself to the goal, then do everything in your power to see it through. Atlanta truck driving schools can take you there, but only if you’re willing to go. The steps are laid out before you, and Atlanta truck driving schools are there to guide you, but you must step off the precipice yourself. Are you ready?

What is the purpose of Atlanta truck driving schools?


What is the purpose of Atlanta truck driving schools? Why would you ever want to enroll in any of the Atlanta truck driving schools? What is a CDL anyway? How do I get one, and why would I want one in the first place?

The answers to those questions are many. First and foremost, the purpose of Atlanta truck driving schools is to create new truck drivers. More importantly, create new GOOD truck drivers. People who are qualified to operate a large truck, and who can use the expertise they have gained to promote good trucking practices and promote the safe, efficient, and effective operation of the large commercial vehicles and ultimately positively impact the trucking profession specifically, and the American economy in general.

A CDL is a commercial driver’s license, a document that the federal government decided was necessary in order to operate large commercial vehicles. The reason for this, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is that “[d]riving a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) requires a higher level of knowledge, experience, skills, and physical abilities than that required to driver a non-commercial vehicle.” Applicants for a CDL must pass a skills and knowledge test in order to demonstrate their proficiency in operating the vehicles, and in understanding the rules governing their right to drive one based on government rules and regulations.

It’s largely felt that holding a CDL, and driving commercial motor vehicles, is a big responsibility requiring special skills and knowledge. As such, holders of CDLs are held to a higher standard when operating any type of motor vehicle. With serious traffic violations come stiffer penalties that can potentially limit the CDL holder’s ability to maintain their CDL certification and thus make a living as a truck driver.

This is another reason why Atlanta truck driving schools are important. Virtually everyone takes a driver’s education course before they receive their license, but CDL training is a whole new beast, full of different, stricter regulations, a more rigorous training regimen, and tougher restrictions.

You go to Atlanta truck driving schools to learn a better way to drive, to gain new skills, and to learn to operate a commercial vehicle on the roadways. Now, you most likely only want a CDL if you intend on getting a job as a professional driver of these vehicles, which can include vehicles such as:

  • Tractor-trailer trucks/semi trucks
  • Buses
  • Limousines and taxi cabs
  • Construction vehicles such as cranes, lifters, and bulldozers
  • Large box trucks

It’s more likely than not that if you are seeking a CDL, you are doing it for business reasons; that is to say you need one for a business that requires driving one of these (or similar) vehicles, or you are seeking a job that requires use of a CDL. Atlanta truck driving schools are the place to seek that training.

You begin your journey toward earning a CDL at Atlanta truck driving schools. There you will study and practice driving commercial vehicle, gaining that knowledge and experience you need and satisfying the school’s requirements. Don’t forget the endorsements—the extra add-ons to your CDL that qualify you to do things such as transport hazardous materials, or drive a triple trailer. Add these as necessary, depending on what you intend to use your CDL for.

Once you complete your time at Atlanta truck driving schools, you can pursue your CDL. You must pass a driving and skills test, which is to say you must pass a test driving a commercial vehicle and pass a written exam. You must pass both tests in order to pass the overall exam.

Once passing the CDL exam, you are granted a commercial driver’s license and you are free to begin pursuing employment, driving your commercial vehicle, or otherwise using your CDL for its intended purpose.

No matter what you are planning to do with your CDL, Atlanta truck driving schools, or some variation of them, are a necessity. You must have the appropriate, proper training to handle the responsibility of driving a large commercial vehicle. If you’re looking into Atlanta truck driving schools, be sure to find one that offers you the level of instruction you need…no matter why you want a CDL.

Atlanta truck driving schools want students.


Atlanta truck driving schools want students. That much is assured. They want students because that’s how they contribute to society: producing graduates who have a solid base of experience and skill who can earn a commercial driver’s license, then find a career driving a truck and positively contributing to American commerce.

So what are you doing? If truck driving is a career that interests you, find the Atlanta truck driving schools that you feel will help you develop a set of skills that can lead to a career in trucking. There are plenty of Atlanta truck driving schools that can help prepare you for the CDL exam and developing the skills you need to pass that exam and earn a CDL. Heck, they may even help you add a few endorsements to your license.

But how do you prepare for a career as an over-the-road truck driver, someone who knows how to handle their rig but also is savvy in developing their career. They aren’t losing sight of what they hope to accomplish in life because they are too busy driving aimlessly all over the nation’s highways.

Of course, the foundation for any healthy, smart, and solid truck driver is through the education you find in Atlanta truck driving schools. The good truck driver is one that goes through the training program with great interest and vigor, absorbing all of the classroom material as well as the driving rules and regulations. Your first duty as a student CDL driver is to learn those regulations, commit them to memory, then ensure you are always current with them. This includes traffic laws, government regulations, and trucking regulations.

But there are other steps you can take in order to develop yourself into a smart, seasoned truck driver beyond what you study at Atlanta truck driving schools. Here are a few tips for digging into the industry even before you are fully in the industry. First, find trucking publications and start reading. There are any number of blogs, newspapers, or magazines both online and in print, where a prospective truck driver can learn quite a bit about the industry they are getting into. Read them with regularity, noting what seems to be important to the truck driver and the trucking industry.

Next, use social media to make networking contacts. Get to know trucking industry professionals, officials from Atlanta truck driving schools, and strike up conversations with them about their industry. Tell them you are a student and interested in learning more, and that someday you’ll be interested in employment in the trucking industry. You may find a few who are not interested in speaking with you, and that’s okay; find a few that are, and stay at least on friendly terms with them. You never know when someone new may turn into a contact who could help you with a job prospect or two down the road.

It’s important to learn from these people. Ask them what Atlanta truck driving schools do to prepare students for a career in trucking, but also what they don’t tell them. Learn the secrets of the industry; find out the skills you will need to really hit it big. Ask them what the biggest mistakes truck drivers commit and how you can avoid those mistakes.

Also, don’t be afraid to engage your instructors. Teachers are often ex-industry professionals, and many are more than happy to discuss their experiences with you. While many people still observe a certain distance in a teacher/student relationship, meeting casually with your instructors is something you should consider at times. Buy your instructor a drink or meet them for lunch sometime if they are willing. You may find some hidden nuggets of information that can prove to be valuable later.

By taking these steps while you’re still a student, you can bypass a few of the growing pains that are usually inevitable for new professionals entering a field. Many people come in fresh-faced and excited, then exit early or end up cynical and jaded, disappointed that their career wasn’t like they thought it would be. Atlanta truck driving schools certainly aren’t always designed to solve that puzzle; don’t be afraid to do some extra digging, and find out what your career will really be all about.