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You have earned you commercial driver’s license. You are through CDL training, and you’re ready to work. Where to go now?


Houston trucking companies are a good place to start. Even if you don’t yet have your CDL, but want to earn one, they may be the place to go.

Houston trucking companies are where most of the trucking jobs are at if you’re looking to get into the trucking industry. Of course, you have many options if you aren’t looking to drive a tractor trailer for a living, but still are looking to get into the into the commercial driving industry, then you can avoid the Houston trucking companies and look to other employers.

There are of course the usual outlets: shipping companies of other types, the construction industry, school systems, departments of transportation (who hire city bus drivers), sanitation companies, and many other employers also hire people who hold a CDL. Even limousine companies need people to drive who possess a CDL.

So you have options, but if you’re looking to get into trucking, there is no more reliable option than Houston trucking companies. And here’s something else to consider: on occasion those trucking companies will even train you themselves. Sometimes at a greatly reduced rate or even free of charge.

Here’s how they do it: trucking companies of course have many experienced drivers, whom the company gets licensed as instructors. The Houston trucking companies then open up a school or a training facility where they offer free or greatly reduced tuition, in exchange for the driver, upon graduation, agrees to work for the company for a set period of time.

That sounds like a great deal, right? And so it is, though there are obviously risks to that approach. When you are beholden to a trucking company for a period of time, you must stay there and work for that period of time. If you leave the job, you may be required to pay back that tuition, which can be something many new young professionals can’t really afford to do right out of the gate.

That means if you end up not liking your supervisor, or if the company has policies you don’t like or agree with, you may be, for all intents and purposes, stuck in that position with little or no recourse.

We’re not taking a position either way on that issue, but buyer beware. Do some research before entering into an agreement of this type, is our best advice.

When you’re applying for jobs with Houston trucking companies, it’s important to go through the job hunting process just like any other job. Get your resume updated with your most recent employment, educational changes (such as, you know, graduating from CDL training), and applicable skills. Many people tailor their resumes to the job they are applying for. For example, if you are applying for trucking jobs, it may not interest a potential employer that at your last job as a fry cook, your reputation as a master spatula slinger may not be of interest to management of Houston trucking companies.

However, if you also doubled as restaurant manager on your shifts, however, that demonstrates leadership skills and may be a pertinent job skill. That’s what it means to tailor your resume to the job.

So when you’re looking to Houston trucking companies for a job, be sure to show them exactly what you have to offer them. Put your best face forward and show the industry why you need to be a part of it. You have put a lot of time into developing skills and building yourself up to the point where you have earned your CDL license and are ready to work in the trucking industry. Be sure you are demonstrating that you have developed those skills, and that you possess others that will be of service to the Houston trucking companies you are working for.

They don’t know what you have unless you show them. Make sure the impression you are making says to them “you really need to hire this person.”

Houston trucking companies are out there.


They are looking for skilled drivers, people who will get into their vehicles and drive them to the next station.

They want people who want to be there, who enjoy driving and who do it well. Houston trucking companies don’t want to waste time on silly people who aren’t going to do the work, who can’t get there on time or in a safe manner, or who won’t take the time to actually learn their jobs.

Houston trucking companies are looking for drivers who can do the job and are willing to put in the hard work it takes to complete the task correctly, safely, and by the deadline.

Are you that person? Do you have the wherewithal to go to Houston trucking companies and tell them to invest in you? More importantly, can you actually do the job once you are hired to do it?

Of course, any commercial truck driver worth his or her salt will already know most of the information we are about to discuss. However, if some of this is new to you, don’t worry. Just because you aren’t worth your salt at this point doesn’t mean you can’t soon be brought up to speed. And such is one of the tenets of being a truck driver; it takes years to build a solid career built on mastery of a skill, but it only takes weeks to be able to begin one.

Which, of course, is to say that Houston trucking companies are largely looking to hire employees who have the credentials (which is to say a commercial driver’s license). The knowledge to do the job? Certainly, that’s important. Experience, however, can be created with just time.

So where are you at on this spectrum? Are you looking to go through CDL training? Maybe you’re in the middle of the process and want to evaluate where you are in your truck driver education. Or maybe you already have your CDL already and are ready to contact Houston trucking companies and get yourself a job and get that career started.

No matter where you are, little self-evaluation is a good thing. Take stock of what you see as your strengths and weaknesses at this particular time, and continue building those skills that will lead you toward a career in the trucking industry.

In the great state of Texas, Houston trucking companies are all about business. What can you do for me, is what they ask. Be sure you have something positive to say. Can you bring them results? A safe driving record with on-time deliveries? That’s what they’re looking for; someone on whom they can rely to finish the job, and help the company roll on toward prosperity.

And there are opportunities for Houston trucking companies to pick you up and make use of your talents. Industry news reports indicates that, as with many career paths, there is a shortage of truck drivers. For you, the prospective truck driver that means more opportunity. That can only help you as you continue rolling toward your career.

Just be sure you are going to do those Houston trucking companies proud. Know your stuff, learn to drive and do it well, and do it safely. Don’t look for the path of least resistance; cherish the resistance and the experience it brings you. Work within a framework of learning how to overcome issues, learn to be flexible and how to get the job done. There are many ways to employ safe driving techniques and arrive on time. Make sure that’s what you’re doing.

Houston trucking companies are ready to roll with you behind the wheel. Are you ready to take that wheel and drive with it? You can start a career that can lead to years of gainful, stable employment in a growing field where you can demonstrate the skills you’ve developed on a daily basis. If that happens at Houston trucking companies, then so much the better for you, for Houston trucking companies, and for the economy, which still needs people working in the shipping and trucking industry.

You have a CDL. You’re ready. Now what are you doing to attract the attention of Houston trucking companies?


Well, if you’ve ever looked for a job before, then you have the experience in seeking employment just about anywhere, and that includes Houston trucking companies. Searching for trucking jobs is really not that dissimilar to any other sort of job search, so just be sure you take the search seriously.

First, let’s talk about your commercial driver’s license. Do you have any endorsements? The key to landing a job is standing out from the crow during the application process. When you are looking to Houston trucking companies, two big things stand out: do you have experience, and what can you do?

Of course you have the CDL. That’s the easy part. But did you obtain any endorsements? Houston trucking companies have a hard time keeping their positions filled, particularly long-haul positions. That means they are always looking for qualified talent. A qualified talent who can do more than most can. That means endorsements.

If you have a CDL I’m not going to waste time telling you what that is, because you should already know. But you should also know that the skills you obtain with endorsements, the ability to do the kinds of things that many other employees at their company are likely not certified to do.

Endorsements immediately make you more marketable to Houston trucking companies, and because of that, if you are looking for employment with them, you should attempt to obtain as many of them as you can. Heck, just get all of them, even the ones you think you may not need. You never know, and the advantage you gain and the salary you will command will justify the minimal extra cost and additional time you will spend taking the exam.

Next you will want to update your resume. This sounds silly, but it is a necessary step. You will need to tailor your resume to fit the needs of the trucking industry, and that means adding your CDL and adjusting the responsibilities you put on your resume to discuss your experiences in terms of how it will show you are qualified to drive a big truck.

So how do you do that? You can, for lack of a better word, “spin” your previous jobs in terms of the industry you’re entering. For instance, if you worked at a fast-food restaurant, chances are future employers aren’t going to care that much that you perfected the double spatula flip technique. It’s not relevant to them. They will, however, care that you became team leader for the grill team and managed other people, and that you managed burgers and fries at the same time. Those types of skills show leadership and multitasking abilities, respectively.

So how do you translate that to impressing Houston trucking companies? By knowing what they want and what they are looking for in drivers. They want people who demonstrate patience, are willing to adapt, can handle situations independently, show good decision-making skills, and have a record for safety. If you have never had a speeding ticket, it would be worth noting on your resume when you are applying for trucking jobs.

Show your employers what you can do for them, and how they can’t help but hire you for the sake of their company. Houston trucking companies are looking for people to wow them just like anyone else. Do your best to actually do that.

While we’re at it, don’t forget your cover letter and interview skills. Houston trucking companies will be interviewing you, and the cover letter is one of the important documents that many people neglect. It is your first impression to Houston trucking companies, and many people do little to nothing to try to develop those skills and create a better first impression. Read up on those particular job-obtaining skills, and implement those in your routine, and you will begin to see Houston trucking companies taking more interest in you.

If you have your CDL you’re ready to look for Houston trucking companies to employ you. Make sure you give them every reason in the world to do exactly that.

So you’re looking to break into the trucking industry.


You want to drive a big truck for a living. So how do you make that happen? What is it that Houston trucking companies are looking for in their employees?

Well, to be honest, it’s not all that difficult. The first thing that Houston trucking companies want from their employees is a commercial driver’s license. That of course is a prerequisite. You must have a CDL if you want to drive a big truck for a living. The federal government mandates it, and it’s important even if they didn’t.

The CDL is the piece of documentation that you need to show that you are ready to make a living driving a big truck. It gives you the cred from the government that you know how to properly drive a truck, and that you can demonstrate that skill, and the knowledge that goes along with it, in a satisfactory manner. To say that Houston trucking companies want this in their employees is not a strong enough statement. You MUST have one to get hired into the trucking industry as a driver.

But that doesn’t mean you run to any old CDL school, and scrape together enough of an education to pass the CDL exam, then you will immediately be scooped up by Houston trucking companies. They are looking for other qualities as well. A sense of hard work, and a willingness to do what you need to do to get your job done is another quality they look for.

Of course, a little grit and a willingness to get your hands dirty for the job is something that most places are looking for, but in an industry where goods are delivered and trucks must be loaded and unloaded, it’s essential to have someone who is willing to do the hard work for their company.

Next, Houston trucking companies want a good attitude. Not only does someone with a good attitude tend to work harder, they also make the work environment more pleasant. They tend to complain less, and are willing to be flexible in their job and want to do things the right way.

Integrity is also important for someone looking to be hired by Houston trucking companies. This is another universal quality that employers are looking for, but in the trucking industry it may be tempting to do something immoral, illegal, or otherwise against the rules that can put lives in danger or constitute a major financial hit.

Patience is another quality that Houston trucking companies are looking for. This is particularly important for a truck driver, who from time to time will feel the pressure of looming delivery deadlines. Being on the highway, safety consciousness is a primary concern, and growing impatient and irritated when there are traffic delays or other distractions or delays can lead to the driver making poor choices.

Poor choices can lead to accidents that can cause injuries to the driver and other motorists, or can lead to a truck overturning, or some other disaster that can cause the company money. That’s why patience is important to Houston trucking companies.

Finally, Houston trucking companies are really looking for people who want to commit to a long-term career as an over the road truck driver. If you possess all of those other qualities and can stick in the game, truck driving can be a rewarding career that can provide stability to your life. You can find happiness and success in the trucking industry if you work on developing these skills in addition to those that you build while learning how to drive a commercial vehicle.

There is a lot of opportunity out there for truck drivers. If you are serious about entering this industry, be sure you are willing to try to develop some of these qualities if you don’t necessarily possess them inherently.

These really are some of the skills and traits that Houston trucking companies are looking for. If you want to find employment with these groups, go find a solid CDL school, get your license, then return to the Houston trucking companies and begin your career right!

Houston truck driving schools are your ticket to the CDL training you are looking for.


With all of the economic upheaval over the past few years, it’s good to see the trucking industry recovering. Not only is it a positive thing for new and prospective truck drivers, it’s an overall sign that the economy is continuing to improve.

Trucking companies all over the country are reporting that they need more drivers. They continue to report problems with hiring and keeping drivers employed. That means there are opportunities for people who want to drive a commercial truck for a living, and who want to pursue a career as a truck driver.

That also should mean good things for Houston truck driving schools, which are the entities called upon to create those new drivers, and mold them from people who know little to nothing about the industry into someone who not only knows exactly how to operate a tractor trailer, who not only has the knowledge they need, but who actually can and does drive a truck for a living.

If you’re ready to start that career, Houston truck driving schools can be your best friend. They will be where you pick up your job skills, where you develop into the professional you always wanted to be. Many Houston truck driving schools also offer free or deeply discounted tuition. How is that a bad thing?

Well, it’s not necessarily, but let’s get into how Houston truck driving schools are able to do this. Many trucking companies establish their own Houston truck driving schools as a way to combat that problem of not having enough drivers. They offer free or discounted tuition to their students; in exchange, the students agree to accept a position with the trucking company after they earn their commercial driver’s license.

While this sounds like (and probably is) a fantastic offer, it’s important to keep in mind that you are essentially contractually obligated to work for this trucking company for a set period of time. While having employment is good, you are also essentially sacrificing a bit of your freedom. If you decide to leave the job, you will have to pay back the tuition. Many young professionals may not be able to afford that, which means they are more or less beholden to this trucking company.

That constitutes a decision that you will need to consider and make on your own. Some people may be willing to take the risk, while others may not. Either way, it’s an additional option you have as a trucking student.

Are you still considering which Houston truck driving schools you want to look into? Make a few calls. Get on social media and school rating sites. Ask around. There is nothing at all wrong with looking into your school before committing. As a matter of fact, it’s a sign of maturity and that you are a careful consumer.

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it. Why would you just leap into the first Houston truck driving schools you find? Committing to a school is a big deal; you should make the decision carefully. Weigh your options properly, and find a few students who graduated from the school online and talk to them about their experiences. Look at the satisfaction ratings for the school.

Get creative with how you want to check out your schools. I always suggest contacting trucking industry employers and finding out their thoughts on certain schools. An email exchange or a social media conversation that starts a dialog with an employer is nothing but good in my eyes. It gets you in with them, shows you’re not prone to making rash decisions, and gives you an opportunity to let them know you’ll soon be in the market for a job.

Don’t be afraid of asking questions. Houston truck driving schools are all around, and you never know which schools are going to be good for you, and which may not be. Consider your options carefully, be an informed prospective student, and get yourself positioned to be successful. It’s you’re career. Make the most of it!

Picking up an education from Houston truck driving schools may be the wisest thing you ever do.


Or it may not be. This stuff is pretty subjective.

Really, whether or not this is a good idea is based on two things: choice, and you. That is to say it’s your choice whether you want to pursue a career as a truck driver, as a bus driver, as a parcel/package delivery driver, or any of the other commercial driving careers that you may choose from.

Obtaining a CDL is a career move. It’s something that each individual must decide for himself if he wants to do. Many people may not be interested in this type of career, and by all means that is more than okay. That is a personal decision that you can’t let anyone—especially someone whom you’ve never met—make for you. Enrolling in Houston truck driving schools is something you should be advised against unless you are relatively certain as to your positivity that this is the road you want to head down.

Houston truck driving schools may not be for everyone. Matter of fact, they aren’t for everyone. As not everyone is qualified or equipped to be a surgeon, a writer, a professional baseball player, or a stock broker, only a select few are equipped mentally and physically to become a truck driver.

Certainly truck driver is a career to consider like all others, especially if you enjoy working with your hands and aren’t sure of what else to do with your life. But consideration is not necessarily certainty. But how can you decide whether you should enroll in Houston truck driving schools or not?

Of course the first thing to do is the consideration phase. Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Do you enjoy driving a larger vehicle?
  • How do you do on long car trips when you are driving?
  • Do you enjoy being alone for extended periods of time?
  • Are you a safe, reliable driver?
  • Are you in good general health (which is to say, you have good hearing, vision, and no chronic illnesses)?
  • Can you handle occasional physical activity?

If you answered “yes” to all of those questions, you may still be interested in attending Houston truck driving schools. However, it still is not completely settled.

Next, move on to the research phase. Living in the digital age, we have a large advantage over previous generations: we can learn a lot just by picking up a smartphone or a computer. Google search “becoming a truck driver” or “truck driver job responsibilities.” See what the life of a truck driver is like. Read truck driving blogs and industry news sites. Find a truck driving union and see what sorts of things truck drivers care about and have to deal with on a daily basis.

If you really want a horse’s-mouth perspective, track down some truck drivers and former truck drivers. These can be people in your circle of friends or family, or you can seek them through trucking message boards or social media. If they are a truck driver, find out why they became a driver, their thoughts on Houston truck driving schools, and what their favorite and least-favorite parts of their jobs are.

If they are no longer a truck driver, find out the same information, but also ask them why they got out of the business. What factors led to them seeking other jobs and eventually leaving. Was it strictly a financial decision, or did they have a personal issue with someone they worked with? Or was it something about being a driver they could no longer deal with?

It’s important to keep in mind that a decision to enter or leave an industry is a personal one. It doesn’t mean you should quit considering Houston truck driving schools because someone made a financial decision, or couldn’t get along with their supervisor. Just make a reasoned, well-informed decision either way you go.

Whether you decide to Houston truck driving schools are for you or not is a personal decision, something you should decide for yourself. Whether you do or don’t pursue truck driving as a career, know that it is one possibility for you.

Houston truck driving schools are the place to be for the burgeoning truck driver.


The trucking industry is in need of good solid employees, new workers who can drive the industry through the 21st century.

People who have the skills and drive to not only find work in the industry, but to thrive and take their career to the next level.

Houston truck driving schools can, and if you enroll, will teach you a great many things: how to drive a commercial vehicle, the rules, regulations, and laws that govern the industry, and why safety is a vital part of your everyday existence as a truck driver.

But there are many things that, no matter how good a school you have, Houston truck driving schools just cannot teach. That’s mostly because these things can’t be taught. They can be encouraged and discussed, but it takes an act that no trucking instruction can put upon a student.

These are character traits doubling as job skills, and are things that Houston truck driving schools value in their students, and the types of things that employers covet. Here are a few of those traits.

Determination: The will to succeed, and the mindset that you will find success in your field of endeavor. Someone with determination will not give up until their task is complete or their goal is met.

Patience: Houston truck driving schools and the trucking industry in general is not looking for someone with a disposition that will cause them to erupt in anger every time a complication impedes their path. In this field, drivers encounter traffic delays and other daily frustrations. It’s good for them to be able to shrug off those complications and stay focused on completing the task at hand.

Willingness to learn new things: Open-mindedness, and a desire to continue learning even after they have moved beyond Houston truck driving schools is another important trait to have. A thirst for knowledge, and a desire to build upon what they have already learned is a tremendous help to a trucking company.

Sense of hard work: Many people want to get by doing as little as they possibly can. However, the ideal Houston truck driving schools graduate is someone who wants the task to be completed as smoothly and quickly as possible. They will not stand around and wait when they could be helping to speed the work along, and they are not wasting time when they could be moving to the next checkpoint. They want to complete their task and move to the next one, not waste time. Getting their hands dirty is not a concern. That’s a sense of hard work.

Attitude: As in a good one, not a bad one. Arriving to work ready to begin working, not becoming agitated if something doesn’t go their way or if they have to perform a task they don’t necessarily enjoy doing. That’s attitude, a positive trait that many people have turned into a negative one.

Flexibility: Speaking of performing a variety of tasks, being able to adapt to the needs of the company on a particular day is something that employers are always looking for. Someone who won’t just concentrate on doing what they want to do, but what the company requires at that particular moment. Changing up their strategy on the fly, working to peak efficiency. That’s flexibility.

Hopefully you’re getting the picture by now. Houston truck driving schools and the employers that will follow those institutions, are looking for a lot of things in their students and employees. They certainly want job skills and an ability to drive a commercial vehicle. But those are but the technical points of the job, the base skills you need to know in order to obtain employment. But if you want that job to turn into a career, you will need to bring a little something extra. That extra is the traits listed above. They will enhance your attractiveness to employers, and will make your time on the job more enjoyable, more productive, and will make you more valuable to the company. A valued employee is one that continues to be an employee even through tough times.

Houston truck driving schools are looking to train you to fill one of the many open trucking positions.


Are you ready to take on the responsibility involved in having a career in the trucking industry?

As a truck driver, yes, responsibility is key. Houston truck driving schools can talk to you about that responsibility, but ultimately you must accept it yourself.

So what is the responsibility of being a truck driver? First and foremost, as a truck driver you are hauling goods that usually belong to a private company that is a client of the trucking company you work for. Whether that is groceries, electronic goods, cars, or anything else, you are hauling merchandise that belongs to someone else and is potentially worth thousands of dollars. You are responsible as the driver for keeping those goods safe and delivering them safely.

That in itself is a large responsibility. You must prevent an accident or rollover that could potentially damage that merchandise. Then think about the truck itself, which costs many thousands of dollars to purchase and keep up. You have that on you as well.

If you thought those were big responsibilities, wait till you get a load of this one, the big one whose magnitude Houston truck driving schools can’t even hope to properly convey to you. As a professional truck driver operating a large commercial vehicle on the nation’s roadways, you have in your hands no less than the personal safety of every man, woman, and child riding on the highway with you. You play a role in every single vehicle that passes you, is immediately in front of or behind you, or even is within a certain radius of you.

This is because a semi truck is a large, extremely heavy vehicle travelling at large speeds. Getting into an accident with a smaller commuter vehicle can potentially cause catastrophic damage to the smaller vehicle. While they stress safety in their programs, Houston truck driving schools can only tell you about that responsibility. As a driver, you must accept that responsibility for yourself.

Now of course there is insurance to take care of some of the potential financial damage that may happen in case of an accident. No one is perfect, and accidents to happen. But it’s the responsibility of the truck driver to use the skills he learned in Houston truck driving schools to prevent accidents whenever possible, to do his or her part to keep their vehicle running safely.

Aggressive or overly fast driving is the kind of thing that can put property and potentially lives in danger. Prioritizing your responsibilities is vital (do I speed and get there on time but possibly endanger lives and the cargo I’m carrying, or work on arriving safely?)

The point is, you are doing well to listen and heed the warnings during your time in Houston truck driving schools. Safety is Job 1, and you have no more solemn duty than to protect yourself and those around you on the roads, even as some drivers may become impatient and nervous around big trucks. You must stay the course and use the training you acquired in Houston truck driving schools and stay the course.

Driving a truck is a solid career move for many people, and for those people safety is a major concern. It’s one of many things Houston truck driving schools will help train you on in order to help keep you and those around you from getting injured in an accident, and is just another reason why truck drivers should hold their heads high and be proud of their profession.

Houston truck driving schools can get you the education you need to get started, and it can certainly impart to you the importance of safety and the large responsibility you hold as a professional truck driver. But as we said, you must take that responsibility yourself and accept your role in order to truly “get it.” But remember, don’t get overly jittery or nervous on the road and let the responsibility overwhelm you. Rely on what you learned and use that CDL training to your advantage.

Where do you go when you want to begin an exciting career in the trucking industry?


Yes, that’s right: Houston truck driving schools.

And just how exciting is it? Well, it’s certainly not as exciting as it is in the movies, where truck drivers are regularly pursued by criminals, but for many people, a REAL truck driving career is full of interesting sights, good people, and a fulfilling work environment.

That’s as exciting as it should get in your career. So how do you know if Houston truck driving schools is right for you? It’s a difficult thing to quantify, but suffice it to say that if you are interested in driving a commercial vehicle for a living then it most likely is a career you should look into beginning.

Training for this career takes normally about 6 to 12 weeks at one of many Houston truck driving schools in your area. You will receive instruction in a variety of facets of the trucking industry, including on the rules, regulations, and laws that govern truck drivers and the shipping industry in general, as well as on specifically how to drive a tractor trailer.

And believe it or not, driving a big rig isn’t as simple as hopping in, firing her up and putting her in gear. There are some important differences between driving a normal commuter vehicle and operating a big truck.

Of course, you’ll learn those differences, and the tricks and tips on how to overcome them, during your time in Houston truck driving schools. Hopefully you will find this information challenging but not overwhelmingly difficult.  Is not

Houston truck driving schools are institutions where they instill into you the various rules of the game, with the first and foremost rule being safety. As a truck driver, you need to have safety on your mind at all times. Your truck is a large, potentially dangerous or even deadly thing on the highways travelling at high speeds.

Help ensure that you are doing your part to avoid highway accidents, and try to be safety conscious at all times. That will help you stay accident-free as much as possible.

Once you complete your work at Houston truck driving schools, you will need to take the CDL exam. The commercial driver’s license exam is administered at your state’s department of motor vehicles, and is a comprehensive exam covering every aspect of commercial driving. In other words, it covers everything you learned at CDL school.

The CDL exam is made up of two parts: a driving portion and a written portion. You must pass both parts of the exam to receive your CDL license. And while you will likely receive a solid education from Houston truck driving schools, you most likely want to spend additional time studying on your own. This is to help ensure that you truly absorb the concepts and remember the material when you are taking the exam.

Before you take the exam, be sure to consider which CDL endorsements you want to go for. Endorsements are extra bonuses on your CDL that allow you to do more difficult or specialized tasks in your truck driving jobs. Things like transporting hazardous materials, or towing a double or triple trailer. These need specialized skills, and with a small additional expense and an extra test, you can add this skill to your CDL.

While it is advisable to pursue all or most of the endorsements (after all, why wouldn’t you want to make yourself as skilled as possible?), decide which are right for you and make additional preparations before you take the CDL exam. Then you can pursue all of your endorsements at the same time, without having to return for additional sessions.

Once you pass the CDL exam, you will be awarded your CDL and you will be ready to pursue jobs in the trucking field! Your experience at CDL school and in Houston truck driving schools will have paid off, and you will be ready to pursue trucking jobs. And once you know how to find truck driving jobs, you will be all set!

The start of your career is an exciting thing. Be sure to enjoy it!

Are you ready for Houston truck driving jobs?


You certainly need them if you are looking to get into the trucking industry as a driver. They’re the way you make your living!

The job market is competitive. Everyone already knows that, and I don’t really need to tell you that, right? You’ve been there. You know what it’s like to look for a job, get frustrated at not finding the job you want. Maybe you’ve gotten close on several occasions, only to be disappointed when the job went to someone else.

And maybe, just maybe, the job you got was your 4th or 5th choice. Not the one you really wanted, but the one you took because you had to in the end. And now, before you become too entrenched in it you want to get out. And Houston truck driving jobs are your way out.

THAT’S what you’ve always wanted to do; drive a tractor trailer, see the open road, and serve a vital purpose to the economy. You want out of that factory or office environment .You are done with what you are doing now, whatever that is, and you know that the trucking industry is where you belong.

Do you resemble those remarks? Hey, it’s okay. Houston truck driving jobs are a good place to go if you fit the criteria. What criteria is that, you ask? If you love driving, if you aren’t intimidated by large vehicles (many of us are; don’t feel bad), and if you really think the trucking industry is where you belong, then you may have a decision to make.

Trucking jobs are there. Trucking companies have been reporting for quite some time that it is difficult to fill Houston truck driving jobs, and that they are constantly looking for qualified new drivers. If you have your CDL or are in the process of getting it now, that certainly spells out good news for you, because it means opportunity. It means that you aren’t getting into a job market that is overcrowded with more people who want jobs than jobs that are available.

That also means you have work to do. If you don’t yet have a commercial driver’s license, you need to get on the ball and get started. Find the CDL training program you want and get your education. Learn how to drive that truck, and get yourself certified by the State of Texas. Get prepared to claim those Houston truck driving jobs you are coveting so much.

If you REALLY want to get in good, make sure you are pursuing those endorsements as well. Making yourself marketable is your first duty when you are looking to score Houston truck driving jobs, and what makes you more marketable than having job skills that many others in your industry do not have? Endorsements are a good insurance policy that will increase your odds of landing one of those Houston truck driving jobs.

Okay…you finish CDL training and go into the CDL exam. Make sure you’re positioned to pass with flying colors. Leave no doubt; be sure you know all of the traffic laws and have the rules and regulations committed to memory as much as possible. Make sure you can drive a truck blindfolded (but for crying out loud, don’t ever actually attempt to), and be fully prepared to take the CDL exam down.

So you pass the CDL exam on your first try, you have the endorsements, and you are ready to roll. Get applying for those Houston truck driving jobs! You’ve whipped your career toolbox into shape, now you’re ready to get it into the ring and see what it can do.

Congratulations. You are truly ready for your first career. Now you just need to actually find the Houston truck driving jobs you want, apply for them, wow the people you need to wow. Then you can score your interviews, win them over, and get your job offer.

See how easy that was? Piece of cake, right? Okay, so it was probably quite a bit of work, but in the end, you’re in the trucking industry, you have your dream career, and you’re ready to roll!